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CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Buying Guide [2021]丨LXSHOW LASER

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine more and more popular in these years , What you need to know order a good metal laser cutter? What is the most important for order a cnc metal laser cutter? how a good metal laser cutter machine manufacturers produce processing ? Why different manufacturer’s fiber laser cutter price big different ?This guide will helping you.

In the past few years we usually use plasma cutting machine , co2 metal laser cutter or other metal cutting machine , but in 2021 the most popular is fiber laser cutter .this type metal laser cutter have more faster speed more stability working .

What is Fiber Laser Cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutter Is one kinds of metal laser cutter, fiber laser metal cuting is a laser processing that use fiber as medium cuts metal into a desired shape (When the laser beam irradiated onto the surface of the metal sheet , energy released melt or vaporize the metal sheet ,slag blow away by the gas) ,most of the manufacturers can produce1kW, 2kW, 3kW,6kW,8kW fiber laser cutter, but more big power fiber cutting machine few manufacturers can do it well ,  LXSHOW LASER was one of the few manufacturers in china that can produce 10kW,15kw,25kW fiber optic laser cutter.

1.1 Fiber laser cutter application Materials

Fiber cutting machine is mainly used for cutting SS, CS, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, brass, iron and almost all the metal materials.

1.2 Fiber laser cutter application industry

Fiber laser cutter used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing , Decoration, advertising, metal external processing, kitchenware processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

1.3 Why fiber laser cutting equipment more and more popular in the world

1.Economical; extremely high electro-optical conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Practicality; the precision of the machine to cut the workpiece is high, and it can reach a precision of less than 0.03mm. Compared with traditional processing tools, it eliminates the secondary grinding process, reducing the workload of personnel and shortening. Delivery. In addition, its processing materials and thickness are very extensive, fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel, copper aluminum, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc. are no problem.

3. Efficiency; efficiency determines economic benefits. The cutting speed of our machines can reach 100 meters per minute, which means that the efficiency of completing a small workpiece is only a few seconds. Compared with traditional equipment such as plasma or wire cutting, steel laser cutter speed is much faster.

4. Excellent beam quality: smaller focus spot, finer cutting lines, higher work efficiency and better processing quality;

5. Extremely high cutting speed: twice as much as the CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power;

6. Extremely high stability: The world’s top imported fiber laser is used for stable performance.

7. Extremely low cost of use: The power consumption of the whole machine is lower than that of CO2, which saves production costs

8. Extremely low maintenance cost: no laser working gas; optical fiber transmission, no need for reflective lens; can save a lot of maintenance costs;

9. Convenient product operation and maintenance: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust optical path;

2. Fiber laser cutting machine for sale, our main fiber laser cutter machine

Usually we divide them into 3 types , you need choose it according to your working not just condsider the machine price

1.sheet Metal Laser cutter

2.Sheet & Tube LMetal Laser cutter

3.professional Tube Metal Laser cutter